Bicentennial Triple Parallel Run with 3801, D3-639, K184, R761

As part of Australia's bicentennial celebrations, several steam events were held throughout Australia in 1988. The classic event was the parallel running on three adjacent tracks of four steam locomotives: 3801, D3-639, K184 and R761. The three trains ran from Melbourne to Seymour and return, although the R class did not actually make it back on the day! (Of which more later.)

The 38 was on the standard gauge line that runs from Melbourne to Sydney, the D3 and K were coupled and on the up broad gauge line that runs from Albury to Melbourne, and the R was on the down broad gauge ibid . Needless to say, with 3 trains involved, and over 1000 rail fans, the trains took some organizing. Special safeworking arrangements were in place to allow the event, and regular trains were rescheduled around the event.

R761 disgraced herself by derailing at Seymour, which caused an added excitement to the day. Recorded here are numerous photographs of the day.

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