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E371 was the Newport shunter, and as such had a hard life. It is now preserved at Maldon, if preserved is the right word, sans boiler cladding, sans coupling rods, sans number: in fact without a good number of working or otherwise parts. I am informed that the boiler is well and truly past restoration: if this loco is to steam again, it will need a fair amount of money spent on it.

(from the Australian Steam web page) E371 was rebuilt to 0-6-2T from its original configuration as a 2-4-2T. E371 survived as a shunter at Newport workshops into the 1970's before finding a home on the VGR. The loco was partially dismantled at Maldon for assessment in 1992 but the report was apparently not favourable and E371 was reassembled (sans boiler cladding, most fittings and numberplates) and placed on display at Maldon station.

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