K Class Consolidation 2-8-0

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      1922: K100-K109 (renumbered K140-K149 in 1940)
      1940-43: K150-K183
      1946: K184-K192
      Designer: Alfred Smith, VR
      Builder: VR Newport Workshops
      Purpose: Light lines goods.
      No. in class: 53
      No. Series: K140-K192 (first batch originally numbered K100-K109)
      Wheel arrangement: 2-8-0
      Length: 60ft3in
      Weight (in service) - Engine:  62 tons  7 cwt
      Tender:  42 tons  5 cwt
      Total:  104 tons 12 cwt
      Driving Wheel Diameter:  4ft7in
      Max Axle Load:  tons  cwt
      Boiler Pressure: 175 psi
      Cylinders (2) 20" diameter x 26" stroke, outside
      Grate Area:  25.75 sq. ft.
      Tractive effort: 28,127 lb 
      Valve gear: Walscheart
      Coal capacity: 5 tons (K183 modified to carry 7t in preservation)
      Water Capacity: 4700 gallons
      Heating surface - Tubes and Flues: 1317 sq.ft.
      Superheater: 238 sq.ft.
      Fire Box: 125 sq.ft.
      Total: 1680 sq.ft.
      Max Permissible Speed: 50 mph
      K151  SRV, Newport, Vic. Engine unit only, for spare parts.
      K153  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
      K154  Old Gippstown, Moe, Vic. Static exhibit
      K159  Hamilton, Vic. Static exhibit
      K160  C&MR, Maldon, Vic. Operational
      K162  Yarragon, Vic. Static exhibit. (Numbered as K183)
      K163  MRPS, Moorooduc, Vic. Operational
      K165  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static exhibit
      K167  Railway Station, Wycheproof, Vic. Static exhibit.
      K169  Coal Creek, Korumburra, Vic. Static exhibit
      K170  Railway Station, Wonthaggi, Vic. Static exhibit
      K174  MRPS, Moorooduc, Vic. Restoration contemplated.
      K175  Mildura, Vic. Static exhibit
      K177  MRPS, Moorooduc, Vic. Under Restoration
      K181  Nukurkah, Vic. Static exhibit
      K183  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
      K184  SRV, Newport, Vic. Stored.
      K190  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
      K191  Wangaratta, Vic. Static exhibit












See also The Bicentennial Triple Parallel Run for more K Class photos.

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